Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bag 006

*Similar to bag 005

Price: RM 49.00

Details: Can be sling, shoulder carry as well as backpack. The difference btw this n the one below: it has a zipped compartment behind, the front part is divided into 2 segments, it has an additional safety button at the opening of the bag


Colours: beige, Grey, Black

Price: RM 42.00

Material: Thin cotton

Details: It's smocked at the waist part


Pattern 1 (clincher not included)

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 4

Price: RM 42.00

Material: Cotton

Details: Outer jacket is attached with the dress. The tie string can be adjusted. Can fit S-L

Friday, October 30, 2009


Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Price: RM 39.00

Material: Cotton

Details: The outer jacket is attached to the dresss

*Differ from D0048. The length for this outer jacket is shorter compared to D 0048


[L-R]: Light grey, Dark grey

[L-R]: Beige, Black

Price: RM 42.00

Material: thin cotton + fur

Details: It's more like a long top or pair with a clincher as a dress for petites

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diamonte Oval

Colours: Dark brown, Light brown, Maroon

Price: RM 26.00

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Black eyelet

White eyelet

Colours: White eyelet, Black eyelet

Price: RM 42.00

Material: Cotton + eyelet

Details: Smocked back for better fitting


Colours: Black, White, Beige

Price: RM 42.00

Material: Chiffon + lace

Details: With lining, Smocked chest

Woven belt

Colour: Brown

Price: RM 28.00


Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Colours: As above

Price: RM 42.00

Material: Denim + cotton

Details: With side zippers, smocked back as well as lining


Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Colours: Pattern 1, Pattern 2

Price: RM 42.00

Material: Cotton (stretchable)

Details: FOC black bra straps


Colours: White, Black

Price: RM 39.00

Material: Lycra

Details: With 2 side pockets. Can be a dress for petites or long tops

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bag 003

Clearance: 30.00

Last pc-yellow

Colours: Mustard yellow, Blue, Black

Price: RM 40.00

Material: Canvas-like

Details: This bags comes attached with a short chain (can be used as shoulder bag or as clutch). Seldom can find this type of canvas-like dinner bag :) Well, can be used when attending formal dinners/proms and also for casual outing.

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