Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hi all,

our new batch of clothings, as some of you may notice, the prices are all slightly higher. This is because all are of top-notch quality and all comes in sizes (for better fitting and not like last time, one size fit all. clothes with sizes fit more nicely compared to free size)

anyways, as for measurements, you can always mail/sms me. happy shopping!

Summer romper

Colour 1

Colour 2

Colour 3

Colours: Colour 1, 2, 3

Price: RM 59.00

Details: Adjustable straps, drawstring, lining, comfy material, side pockets

*looks great on anyone! trust me.


Colours: Grey, Purple

Price: RM 89.00

Size: S, M, L

Details: Smocked back, back zipper, slimming effect, superbly great cutting

*pair with the basic black long cardigan and you're good to go for work :)


Colour: Black

Price: RM 49.00

Details: Soft tretchable material, with side pockets and foldable collar

*Superbly comfy and made of great quality. Definitely a must buy!


Colours: Gold, Pink

Price: RM 89.00

Size: S, M, L
Details: Comes with a free belt, nicely pleated back and front, side zipper


Colour: Black

Price: RM 89.00

Size: S, M, L

Details: Very nice cutting, soft lace, back zipper


Colours: Black, Peach, Purple

Price: RM 49.00

Details: Can be worn as a dress for petites (79cm)


True colour-Teal

True colour-Purple


Colours: Teal, Purple, Beige

Price: RM 49.00

Details: Fake zipper at the front, smocked back

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hi all,

There's a new label under "clearance"

Click on it for clearance item. Clearance item are stated at the top.

* Limited sizes and colours for clearance items.

Bag 009

Colours: Brown, Black, Blue, Beige

Price: RM 49.00

*Size is bigger than the 3 ways bag.

Bag 008

Colours: Black, Blue, Beige, Brown

Price: RM 49.00

*Can be slinged, hand carried and as back pack

Bag 007

Colours: Brown, Blue, Beige, Black

Price: RM 49.00

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